Do Night Vision Goggles Ruin Your Eyesight

When there is no light, you can view in the dark clearly using a night vision device. Night vision technology is indeed a great invention that reduces the strain one had to put on their eyes to work in the dark in the past.

But we wonder whether this device itself is harmful to the eyes or does it ruin your eyesight. A device that comes in handy for various purposes might have a few side effects, like most technology devices.

So, the simple answer to this question is No, but until you are using it properly and the device is working correctly. If you don’t know how to use a device properly, it might cause harm to your eyes.

We need to dig deep to find out how your eyesight can be affected by using a night vision device. Only then can you understand how to prevent it from hurting your eye.

Do Night Vision Goggles Ruin Your Eyesight

How do Night Vision Goggles Work:

This question leads me to the story of the invention of night visions. Humans have always researched about the various characteristics of animals. When scientists found out about the special cells in the eyes of animals that allow them to see better in the dark, they started to work and invented NVs for humans as well.

These NVs use optoelectronic image enhancement to amplify IR light and let you view in the dark with a green light. Although the concept was developed from the way animals view in the dark, the functioning of night vision was made possible using image intensifier tubes and infrared light illuminators.

As a technological device, night vision can get damaged if not used properly. Following are the factors that cause damage to a night vision device.

Factors that Cause Damage to Night Visions:

  • As night vision devices are only designed for use in the dark, they get damaged if exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Other than that, the lens of the night vision devices can also get damaged if dropped or cleaned with any rough cloth.
  • High voltage batteries cause night vision to damage as they can not handle them.
  • If the night visions are not waterproof with multi coatings on the lens and rubber armored coating on the housing, they can also get damaged in rain and fog.
  • Beginners might try and cause damage to these devices if they don’t know how to function or repair them properly.

Do Night Vision Goggles Ruin your Eyesight?

If night vision goggles are damaged or broken due to any of the above reasons, it might cause strain on your eyes and affect your eyesight.

Other than that, those who use NVs a lot need to have a few more hours of sleep ranging from 2 to 6 hours, depending on how long you have been using the device for.

Also, using night vision goggles for hours can affect your eyesight if you have sensitive eyes.

Therefore, you should never use night vision goggles for an extensive period of time and get proper sleep if you often use a NV.

Do Night Vision Goggles Cause Damage to Your Eyes?

If you view at a bright light using night vision goggles, it can cause harm to your eyes, and that can be quite serious. Otherwise, night vision devices are very safe for your eyes and do not damage your eyes.

However, if you have any sort of problem with your eyes, make sure to consult your doctor before using these devices.

Other Side Effects of Night Visions for your Eyes

  • If you are not using night vision correctly or wearing the wrong sized goggles, you are definitely going to feel a strain on your eyes which can cause various consequences such as,
  • You might feel a headache or pain in your eyes.
  • If you have not slept enough and are using night vision continuously, you will feel fatigued.
  • Also, a person with sensitive eyes may notice dry eyes or redness.
  • In a few cases, people with sensitive eyes have even faced optic nerve damage due to using night vision. But these are very rare cases.

But all of these are temporary effects, not permanent and can be improved with a few considerations.

Is the Design and Mechanism of Night Visions Harmful to the Eyes?

There are no reports of any severe harm to the eyes from the users of night vision devices.

Besides, night visions are created keeping in mind their use and the characteristics of eyes. Therefore, newer generations of night vision are improved with better technologies to keep the eyes of the users safe. They are not designed like regular lenses and thus are less harmful to the eyes.

Moreover, looking through the green light instead of other bright colors light is more comfortable for the eyes as the green color reduces glare, and our eyes can detect more shades of green than any other color.

What Should you do if you are having Side Effects from Night Vision Goggles?

In case of temporary effects, you should try reducing your hours of usage and giving enough rest to your eyes after a session of use.

But if your eyes hurt badly with redness or dry eyes or you notice any decrease in your peripheral vision, you should consult an eye doctor without any delay.

Also, buy a good quality night vision under your budget. But don’t compromise the quality for a lesser cost as it can cause harm to your eyes due to having cheap quality components and less features.


Night vision devices are built great with technologies and considerations that do not cause any harm to the eyes. You can not get completely blind or anything by using these devices.

Still, taking good care of both your eyes and the goggles is necessary to prevent any complications. So do your research and don’t take any side effects of NVs lightly.

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