How To Sight In Scope On a Pellet Gun?

If you want to discover the easiest method to sight in a scope on a pellet gun, give a read to this article. I’ve enlisted some easy-to-follow steps that you can follow to sight in scope on a pellet gun. Sighting in scope on a pellet gun is not difficult but not the easiest either. You need to take care of minor factors for maxim precision and accuracy.

How To Sight In Scope On a Pellet Gun?

How To Sight In Scope On a Pellet Gun

Before we jump to the steps, here are the few things you must have in hand for perfect scope adjustment on a Pellet Gun.

Control Area

For perfect scope zeroing on a gun, you need a control area or wind-free zone. Although finding a 100% wind-free zone is impossible, you need to minimize the wind factor as much as possible. This will help you get the most accurate settings of the scope. You can set up a control area indoor where you have enough range to check the target accuracy.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is critical to ensure the safety of shooters. All the national and international shooting competitions require you to wear eye protection.


While zeroing the scope, you need a target at a specific distance. It is the point you aim at and check the target accuracy of scope and gun. You can buy bulls-eye targets from the market. Also, you can download the bulls-eye target images from the internet and get them printed. You need several targets to set up at different distances. Also, you will need a backstop like plywood or a pellet tarp to put behind the target to prevent the pellets from rebounding.

Gun Rest

Gun Rest is the most important thing you will need since you need to keep your gun as much steady as possible. You can use a shop calp or sandbag to hold the gun in place.

Follow these steps to sight in scope on a pellet gun.

  1. Setup your gun on the rest and ensure it is perfectly static. For maximum accuracy, it is critical to ensure that the gun is secure of minimal movement.
  2. Now set your target at 10-feet away and put a proper backstop behind the target to prevent pellets from ricocheting.
  3. Once everything is set, it’s time to aim at your target. Aim the target with the help of scope and put your crosshair exactly on the bulls-eye.
  4. It is advised to keep the scope’s magnification at the highest level to have a closer view of the target.
  5. Fire your first shot and see where it hit. If it hits right below the bull’s eye, you are all set.
  6. If the pellet is not centered below the target, you need to adjust the windage. During windage adjustment, make sure the gun remains static; otherwise, you won’t get the desired results.
  7. Before adjusting the horizontal knob, see where your pellet struck. If it struck left on the bulls-eye, turn the knob coater-clockwise and if it is on the right, turn the knob clockwise.
  8. Similarly, the vertical nob will be turned counterclockwise if the pellet hits above the target and clockwise if it is below the target.
  9. Again fire the shot and calculate the results you achieved with this adjustment. Make necessary adjustments if needed, and again fire the shot. Eventually, you will get the perfect result.


The max range of a .177 pellet is around 4000 yards. However, this is the maximum range, and the pellet will hit the target at this range with minimum stopping power.

Wrapping Up

So this is the simplest way to sight in the scope on a pellet gun. Remember, gun rest is the most critical part of this process. If your gun is not secure with very little movement, you won’t be able to zero your scope accurately. Finally, it is advised to wear an eye-protection to avoid injuries.

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