Where To Shoot A Hog And Get A Clean And Quick Kill – 2023

where do you shoot a hog

Wild hogs have unique anatomy and are quite unpredictable in nature, making it difficult for whitetail hunters to shoot a hog-kill shot without necessary adjustments. Hog vital organs are relatively compact, located on the front part of their body, and protected under their thick skin. So, understanding a hog’s vital organ’s anatomy is critical for a clean kill. Knowing the best place to shoot a hog will let you kill the game without making it suffer and keep you away from the trouble of chasing a wounded animal.

Best Place To Shoot A Hog?

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The vital organs of the hog include the brain, heart and lungs, liver, and spinal organs.

Heart and Lungs

where to shoot a wild hog

Hog’s heart and lungs are located in the lower chest cavity right behind the shoulders. The good news is that lungs and heart overlap at a single spot, making it an easy target to hit. The heart is the most critical part where you can hit a hog for a clean kill.

Central Nervous System

where to shoot a hog in the head

The most sensitive part of all the vital organs is the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal column. A perfect shot in the nervous system results in a neurogenic shock leading to death. However, the Hogs brain is a compact organ protected by a thick skull, so you may not get an instant kill. Only a skilled hunter with the right firearm in hand can hit a killing shot on Hog’s brain.

Techniques in Different Shooting Situations

Hog Hunting From Hide

If you are hunting from a hide, it is ideal for hitting a static target. You cannot shoot a moving target accurately while shooting from a hide. The best vital organ to hit while you are hunting from a hide is the heart. However, hunters who boast accuracy may be able to kill a slowly moving target in this hunting scenario.

Front Facing Target

where do you shoot a hog

The best spot to shoot a front-facing target is the brain. You need to exactly shoot on the forehead between the boar’s eyes. A perfect shot with a powerful rifle leads to instant death.

Running Target

If you want to hit a running target, you should focus on the vital anatomical zone instead of vital organs. Hitting a specific organ of a running target is almost impossible. Also, in this hunting situation, your hunting skills and experience come into play. The best spot to shoot a running hog is the spinal cord.

The pig’s brains, spinal cord, heart, and lungs are its vital organs. If you want a clean kill, you are supposed to shoot in this vital anatomical zone.

.308, 6.5, and 6.8 calibers are ideal for killing the running hogs. However, many hunters prefer 5.56 or .223 for their compatibility with AR rifles. 5.56 and .223 calibers are not as accurate as 6.5 and 6.8 caliber for hitting a running target.

Wrapping Up

So these are the most sensitive organs in a hog’s body where you can shoot to get an instant kill. Remember chasing a wounded hog is not safe since it’s a dangerous wild animal. The wounded animal can charge at the hunter with its sharp tusks leading to serious injury.

Additional Questions

Where should you aim when attempting to swiftly kill a hog?

An immediate kill shot on a hog typically requires striking the vital organs, which are located at the front of the chest, encompassing the heart, lungs, and spinal column. This area is crucial, as a hit here ensues a quick and ethical kill. Personally, I’ve found this method to be the most swift and humane, reducing unnecessary suffering and trauma to the animal.

What’s the optimal shot placement for a feral hog?

When you’re dealing with a feral hog, the anatomy is slightly different, with the vital organs sitting lower and center. Your target should be behind the front shoulder and towards the base of the pig. I’ve noticed through years of hunting experience that the shoulder shield of a mature feral hog can be quite thick, so aiming for this precise region is essential for a successful kill.

Where is the most humane spot to shoot a pig?

If you’re using a shotgun, aim for the same region as you would when using a humane killer, or alternatively, you can target an eye or shoot from behind an ear, with the middle of the head as your trajectory. When using a shotgun, I would always recommend maintaining a distance of 5-25cm from the animal’s head. This ensures a clean, close shot that almost always results in instant death in conformity with humane killing practices I’ve learnt over the years.

What’s the best shooting caliber for hog hunting?

In terms of caliber for hog hunting, my personal recommendation would be the .308. The 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC are also viable choices. Many hunters find the .223, 5.56 to be popular, particularly in AR-style rifles, but in the dynamic hunting scenarios I’ve experienced, making precise shots on moving hogs can be a challenge, so, the higher-caliber .308, 6.5 or 6.8 rounds definitely prove to be more effective with running hogs.